The Principles of Breeding

or, Glimpses at the Physiological Laws involved in the Reproduction and Improvement of Domestic Animals

Author: S.L. Goodale
Published: 1861
Language: English
Wordcount: 37,525 / 117 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 61
LoC Category: Q
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han any or all of its ancestors for many generations back on both sides, or than its kindred--that it is of a pure and distinct breed, that it possesses certain well known hereditary qualities, that it is suited for a definite purpose, it may be a Short-horn, noted for large size and early maturity, it may be a Devon, of fine color and symmetry, active and hardy, it may be an Ayrshire, noted for dairy qualities, or of some other definite breed, whose uses, excellencies and deficiencies are all well known.

The other is of no breed whatever, perhaps it is called a grade or a cross. The man who bred it had rather confused ideas, so far as he had any, about breeding, and thought to combine all sorts of good qualities in one animal, and so he worked in a little grade Durham, or Hereford to get size, and a little Ayrshire for milk, and a little Devon for color, and so on, using perhaps dams sired by a bull in the neighborhood which had also got some "Whitten"[1] or "Peter Waldo" calves, (though none of these

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