American Leaders and Heroes

A preliminary text-book in United States History

Author: Wilbur F. Gordy
Published: 1907
Language: English
Wordcount: 70,572 / 213 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.2
LoC Category: E
Downloads: 1,362
Added to site: 2011.11.01 30946
Genre: History

Gordy wants to use stories of heroes and their adventures to make young americans interested in history. This book contains stories of Columbus, Thomas Jefferson and many more.

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ueen were at that time so much occupied in driving the Moors out of Spain that Columbus found difficulty in securing a hearing. When at last he was permitted to unfold his plans to a council of learned men they ridiculed him, because, forsooth, he said that the world was round like a globe,[1] and people lived on the opposite side of the earth. "Such a thing," they declared, "is absurd, for if people live on the other side of the earth their heads must be down. Then, too, if it rains there the rain falls upward; and trees, if they grow there, must grow upside down."

[1] The belief that the world was round was by no means new, as learned men before Columbus's day had reached the same conclusion. But only a comparatively small number of people held such a view of the shape of the earth.

Some of the learned men, however, agreed with Columbus, and thought the carrying out of his plan by the aid of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella would bring honor and countless wealth to Spain. But their authority

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