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Author: David Grayson (Ray Stannard Baker)
Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 60,766 / 178 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.3
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In "HEMPFIELD," David Grayson tells his story of a little country printing office and how romance entered there. You will like Nort with his boyish enthusiasms for the uplift of country journalism, Fergus, red-haired and Scotch, the old captain with the "trenchant pen" and Anthy, lovable and brave, owner of the Hempfield Star. "Hempfield" is David Grayson's first novel, filled with all the charm of his earlier "Adventures."

The New York Times Book Review says of "Hempfield": "This newest 'adventure' will take its place among the group of novels that are really American, through and through. From beginning to end this small-town chronicle is interesting. And the author writes with sympathy and charm. It is a picture of a phase of American life, a series of vivid sketches of a few American men and an American woman. Anthy is one of the realest and most lovable heroines of contemporary American fiction."

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antly shifted. I saw him now as something of a poet--still old, but with a pleasing beard (none of your common chin whiskers) and rarely fine eyes, a man who could care for flowers in the window and keep the cat from the canary.

At that instant my eyes were smitten with stark reality, my imagination wrecked upon the reef of fact. I saw Fergus MacGregor.

Fergus is one of those men who should always be seen for the first time: after you begin to know him, you can't rightly appreciate him.

He was sitting away back in the corner of the room, by his favourite window, tipped back in his chair, with one heel hooked over a rung, the other leg playing loose in space, sadly reading the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" which he considers the greatest book in the world--next to Robert Burns's poems.

Fergus has always been good for me. He is all facts, like roast beef, or asparagus, or a wheel in a rut. It is almost impossible to idealize Fergus: he has freckles and red hair on his hands. When Fergus


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Henry L. Ratliff

Hempfield? A small town with a small town newspaper, The Hempfield Star.

These old newspapers seem to come complete with: a mortgage and a constant effort to pay it, a young girl trying to keep it afloat after her father died, an assortment of interesting employees and relatives, and a newcomer who changes the business and everyone's life.

The story is told by an outsider, who soon becomes part of the life of the paper.

A delightful story, full of humor and human insight, which this type of story always seems to reveal.

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