Märchen und Erzählungen für Anfänger. Erster Teil

Author: H.A. Guerber
Published: 1897
Language: German
Wordcount: 45,298 / 179 pg
LoC Category: PF
Downloads: 1,098
Added to site: 2011.11.11
mnybks.net#: 30983
Genre: Language

This is a German text book for beginners with an introduction in english and a full vocabulary at the end.

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fraß das gute Korn, das Korn, das Jakob kaufte. Das Korn war im Hause, in dem schönen, neuen Hause, das Jakob gebaut hatte.«

Der junge Mann und das schöne Mädchen gingen nach Hause. Der Priester ging auch in sein Haus und sagte: »Ende gut, alles gut!«

(1) This story is the nursery favorite, "The House that Jack Built," which has its counterpart in the Folk Lore of many countries. In Germany a similar rigmarole runs as follows: The pears having refused to fall from a certain tree, the owner sent successively for a boy, dog, stick, fire, water, calf, butcher and hangman. All refuse to do his bidding, so he calls the Devil. He is ready enough to carry off the hangman, who prepares to hang the butcher. The latter volunteers to kill the calf, which is now ready to lap the water. The water is willing to put out the fire, the fire to burn the stick, the stick to beat the dog, the dog to bite the boy, the boy to shake the tree, so the pears consent to fall

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