Long Odds

Published: 1886
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,354 / 23 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.7
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Based on the text of the story as reprinted in the collection, Allan's Wife and other tales, featuring the legendary hunter Allan Quatermain.

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ever mist. Out from among the scrub, too, came little spirals of vapour, as though there were hundreds of tiny fires alight in it--reek rising from thousands of tons of rotting vegetation. It was a beautiful place, but the beauty was the beauty of death; and all those lines and blots of vapour wrote one great word across the surface of the country, and that word was 'fever.'

"It was a dreadful year of illness that. I came, I remember, to one little kraal of Knobnoses, and went up to it to see if I could get some 'maas', or curdled butter-milk, and a few mealies. As I drew near I was struck with the silence of the place. No children began to chatter, and no dogs barked. Nor could I see any native sheep or cattle. The place, though it had evidently been inhabited of late, was as still as the bush round it, and some guinea-fowl got up out of the prickly pear bushes right at the kraal gate. I remember that I hesitated a little before going in, there was such an air of desolation about the spot. Nature


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Paulo Respighi

An elderly Allan Quatermain is reminiscing to friends about one of the stupider things he did as an impulsive young man. A family of lions killed his favorite ox, and he decided to hunt them down and kill them on foot.

A tense little tale (you forget the old man is telling it, so he had to survive), with vivid descriptions. A little callous towards the animals, but that was the culture of the time.

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