Am I Still There?

Author: James R. Hall
Published: 1963
Language: English
Wordcount: 4,007 / 19 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 65.1
LoC Category: PZ
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Which must in essence, of course,simply be the question "What do Imean by 'I'?"

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in Charge, addressed Letzmiller outside Lee's room where he had just finished his examination. "Personally, I think things went exactly as they should. All physical and mental responses check out. I guess here's where I'm finished and you go to work."

Lee was sitting up in bed as Letzmiller entered. He looked just like he had in Letzmiller's office before the operation, except for the small white bandages around his head to protect his healing skull. "Well," the doctor said, "how do you feel? Your head hurt?"

* * * * *

Letzmiller checked at Oldenreid's office, and was admitted to give his report, as had been planned.

"Well?" asked Oldenreid.

Letzmiller lit the end of his cigar before answering. "I wholly agree with you. Everything seems to have worked out exactly according to plan. I found him essentially the same as he appeared to me during his pre-operative interview. Of course he's a little foggy yet, but I suppose that's just the post-operative shock."

"Yes, that


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Average Rating of 3.5 from 2 reviews: ****
Sardo Weems

Good story, nice tension, it kept me involved, and the premise of how much of a person can be replaced and still be the person? intrigued me. The ending left me cold. Would have been an excellent story with a good ending.


Shortly after the story starts, it holds you and you wait eagerly for how the story's gonna end....
Nice one...

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