A Gold Hunter's Experience

Published: 1898
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I have often been asked to write an account of my Pike's Peak Expedition in search of gold. The following attempt has been made up partly from memory and partly from old letters written at the time to my sister in the east.

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avagely on the horse and rider, and, with head down, chased them at high speed before trying to escape. The horse overtook him a second time and he received another bullet. Then he charged after the horse and rider again. When the horse's turn to chase came next, the buffalo received a third shot and soon fell dead. This was quite exciting sport for us "tenderfeet" who had never seen a buffalo hunt.

Sollitt, who was a butcher by trade, was now in his glory. He rode back to camp, sharpened his knives and with the help of one or two of the men carved up the animal and brought back a supply of fresh meat. This proved rather tough as the animal was an old bull, nevertheless the tongue and the tenderloin were relished, after having eaten only salt pork for three weeks.

The small stream of water in the Little Blue grew less and less as we approached its source, and the last night that we camped near it, there was no running water at all. The little that was to be seen stood in stagnant pools in the bo


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C. Alan Loewen

Chalkley J. Hambleton's A Gold Hunter's Experience, is a short, true account of one man's quest for gold in the Colorado gold rush of the mid 19th century and covers the era from 1860 to 1862.

It is a tale of an America long, long gone and one that will never be again, talking about herds of buffalo that held millions of animals, and virgin wilderness untouched by the hand of man except the Native American. It is also a tale of how much men can endure and survive. Shorter than most novellas, it is a quick, but very satisfying read of true western adventure and of great interest to all including historians and writers of historical fiction.

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