The Door into Infinity

Author: Edmond Hamilton
Published: 1936
Language: English
Wordcount: 13,978 / 48 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 84.3
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,489
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An amazing weird mystery story, packed with thrills, danger and startling events.

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tesquely worked red silk Indian draperies. His hands and feet were bound behind him, and beside him, tied in the same manner, lay Inspector Campbell. Over them stood Chandra Dass and two of the Malay servants. The faces of the servants were tigerish in their menace, but Chandra Dass' face was one of dark, impassive scorn.

"So you misguided fools thought you could deceive me so easily as that?" he said in a strong, vibrant voice. "Why, we knew hours ago that you, Inspector Campbell, and you, Mr. Ennis, were coming here tonight. We let you get this far only because it was evident that somehow you had learned too much about us, and that it would be best to let you come here and meet your deaths."

"Chandra Dass, I've men outside," rasped Campbell. "If we don't come out, they'll come in after us."

The Hindoo's proud, dark face did not change its scorn. "They will not come in for a little while, inspector. By that time you two will be dead and we shall be gone with our captives. Yes, Mr. Ennis,


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Henry L. Ratliff

(1936) Occult / Detective / Action

From 'Weird Tales' August-September 1936.

R: *****

Plot bullets

  • A man's wife is kidnapped.

  • Strange writings are found concerning a door to the beyond.

  • Reference is made to 'The Brotherhood of the Door'.

  • The American and a English detective go looking for the girl.

  • Care needs to be taken. The brotherhood is not a common criminal gang.

Dick Thornton

This is a good story, but with a somewhat weak plot, I thought. With the science of the 1930's it takes a particularly good writer to excite an audience of the 2010's.

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