A Text-Book of the History of Architecture

Seventh Edition, revised

Author: A. D. F. Hamlin
Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 118,910 / 404 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 55.2
LoC Category: NA
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Genre: History
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zzo Vecchio, Florence 266 156 Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence 267 157 West Front of Doge's Palace, Venice 268 158 Capital, Palazzo Zorzi, Venice 275 159 Section of Dome, Duomo of Florence (Bn.) 276 160 Exterior of Dome, Duomo of Florence 277 161 Interior of S. Spirito, Florence 278 162 Court of Riccardi Palace, Florence 279 163 Façade of Strozzi Palace, Florence 280 164 Tomb of Pietro di Noceto, Lucca 282 165 Vendramini Palace, Venice 285 166 Façade of Giraud Palace, Rome (L.) 290 167 Plan of Farnese Palace, Rome (L.) 292 168 Court of Farnese Palace, Rome 293 169 Bramante's Plan for St. Peter's, Rome (L.) 294 170 Plan of St. Peter's, Rome, as now standing (Bn. after G.) 295 171 Interior of St. Peter's (full page) 297 172 Library of St. Mark, Venice 301 173 Interior of San Severo, Naples 302 174 Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Naples 303 175 Court Façade, East Wing of Blois 311 176 Staircase Tower, Blois 313 177 Plan of Château of Chambord (A.) 314 178 Upper Part of Château of C

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