The Woodlanders

Author: Thomas Hardy
Published: 1887
Language: English
Wordcount: 134,966 / 386 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 50.7
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 3,581 3232

sness that their mannerisms and facial peculiarities were sharply defined to the public eye.

This hour of coming home from market was the happy one, if not the happiest, of the week for them. Snugly ensconced under the tilt, they could forget the sorrows of the world without, and survey life and recapitulate the incidents of the day with placid smiles.

The passengers in the back part formed a group to themselves, and while the new-comer spoke to the proprietress, they indulged in a confidential chat about him as about other people, which the noise of the van rendered inaudible to himself and Mrs. Dollery, sitting forward.

"'Tis Barber Percombe--he that's got the waxen woman in his window at the top of Abbey Street," said one. "What business can bring him from his shop out here at this time and not a journeyman hair- cutter, but a master-barber that's left off his pole because 'tis not genteel!"

They listened to his conversation, but Mr. Percombe, though he had nodded and spoken gen


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Seems to be a different version of Far From the Madding Crowd, without the happy ending. The characters appear to be the same, clothed in slightly differing personalities. However, still a very readable book. Hardy is one of the greatest English writers, and none of his fiction is mediocre or fluctuates in quality, unlike many other writers of less repute.

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