Amy Harrison

or Heavenly Seed and Heavenly Dew

Author: Amy Harrison
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,974 / 32 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.2
LoC Categories: B, PN
Downloads: 906
Added to site: 2008.08.21 21818

children during the week, helping you to fight with faults, teaching you to love God and one another. And speaking of your faults leads me to think of the enemies the little seed has to encounter. Can you think of some of the things which try to hinder its growth?"

"There were the fowls," answered Kitty.

"And the thorns," said some of the other children.

"And the sun," said Amy.

"You know what the thorns and the scorching heat are?"

"Our faults and troubles?" asked Kitty.

"Yes. Side by side with the seed, and from the same soil, the heart, spring up thorns and weeds, which try to choke the seed. And the little seed has to struggle hard for its life; if it does not choke the weeds, the weeds will choke it. What must we do with the weeds?"

"Cut them down," said the children.

"Yes. We must fight with our faults, and not let one, however small, be neglected, or it will soon cover the garden; for all weeds grow fast. But the other enemies, the heat a

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