The Biography of a Beaver

Author: Clarence Hawkes
Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 34,931 / 104 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.8
Downloads: 14,923
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ely in the shoulder which kept him still, and alone saved his fine glossy coat.

They were now getting well up into the river that had supplied their lake, and it was not so easy to find breathing places as it had been in the lake where the water was low. But they could usually find some crack or crevice or some point where there were a few inches between the water and the ice and where they could fill their lungs before they journeyed on.

They had come so far and so fast that poor Shaggycoat's legs ached with the ceaseless motion, but the older beaver gave him no rest, and led him on and on, swimming with easy, steady strokes. Although his own legs were weary and a bit rheumatic, he valued his life more than he did his legs and so set his teeth and breasted the current bravely. They both held their fore paws close up under them and used their hind legs entirely for propelling themselves, so these had to do double duty, plying away like the screw wheel on a great steamer.


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Jon R

Very good, really like this style! Can anyone suggest similar books?

Ted Towles

Re.: My earlier review

I was able to download Shaggycoat as a text (.txt) file, change the font to plain Times New Roman font at 24 pts., send the resulting file to my Kindle, and read it easily and comfortably!

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