In Freedom's Cause

A Story of Wallace and Bruce

Author: G. A. Henty
Published: 1885
Language: English
Wordcount: 118,344 / 331 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 57.9
LoC Categories: PR, PZ
Downloads: 2,614 3482

"Mr. Henty has broken new ground as an historical novelist. His tale of the days of Wallace and Bruce is full of stirring action, and will commend itself to boys."--Athenĉum.

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ld there. Four of the competitors, John Baliol, Robert Bruce, John Comyn, and William Ross, are all barons of England as well as of Scotland, and their lands lying in the north they were, of course, included in the invitation. In May, Edward issued an invitation to the Bishops of St. Andrews, Glasgow, and other Scotch nobles to come to Norham, remain there, and return, specially saying that their presence there was not to be regarded as a custom through which the laws of Scotland might in any future time be prejudiced. Hither then came the whole power of the north of England, and many of the Scotch nobles.

"When the court opened, Roger Brabazon, the king's justiciary, delivered an address, in which he stated that Edward, as lord paramount of Scotland, had come there to administer justice between the competitors for the crown, and concluded with the request that all present should acknowledge his claim as lord paramount. The Scottish nobles present, with the exception of those who were privy to Edward's


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the best henty ive read so far. i was curious which side english or scots henty would choose. he has no problem relating english atrocities to the scots and even points out how scotland was a much more civilized country than england. also the hero archie is somewhat interesting. like all henty protagonists he is far too competent to be relateable.

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