Runner Man

confessions of a miler

Author: Brad Hill
Published: 2010
Language: English
Wordcount: 27,237 / 71 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.8
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 8,014
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License: by-nc-nd

tion when they use a gun. This was the first time anybody had come to watch me run. It was unnerving. How was I supposed to run when "my girl friend" was watching? I thought of Louis in the locker room and just knew that this was not a good thing for me. I ran my heart out. I was only ten yards behind Louis at the end of lap one. Only twenty at the end of lap two. I glanced behind. Yes, indeed, there were some runners behind me!!! Forty yards behind him at the end of lap three. I hated lap three. I would be fine except for that lap. It always tore my heart out. But that was when Louis began to sprint. Two runners behind me. One lap to go. I put my heart and gonads into it. I stretched it out, lowered my head, and gasping for breath drove my pain-racked body around the last lap. I lost ground to Louis more slowly!!! I could hear the runners behind me closing in on me. Coming around the last lap, I was beginning to black out and bleed from my nose and ears. Only one runner passed me. I would not be last! It was


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Average Rating of 4.3 from 4 reviews: *****

An enjoyable read, even for a non-runner. I enjoy Brad's witty writing style. Each secton documents lessons to be gained. A message of perseverance threads its way througout. There is an implied encouragement to "run with patience the race set before us".


Very good and fast read. The writer lets you into his head. I wish there were more race stories. Well maybe he will write another. Worth the read.


This is a very quick read that is both endearing and inspiring. A lot of well tested and sound advice for runners. The various anecdotes are related with humour; sometimes at the situation, sometimes at the expense of the author, and sometimes at life itself. It's a very engaging page turner that I had difficulty putting down.


This is a fantastic book. Filled with fun adventures, a well of insight on life, and of course, some great do's and don'ts about running. As a runner, I enjoyed this immensely! As a spiritual person, I was challenged. As a postmodern... I was in love. Thank you Hill! The first of this kind!

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