The Investment of Influence

A Study of Social Sympathy and Service

Published: 1897
Language: English
Wordcount: 58,363 / 173 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 67.3
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Genre: Philosophy

indeed held back from injustice and anarchy and bloodshed, it will be because Shaftesbury the peer, and Samuel, the seer, are duplicated in the lives of our great men, who stand forth to plead the cause of the poor and weak.

But man's atmosphere is equally potent to blight and to shrivel. Not time, but man, is the great destroyer. History is full of the ruins of cities and empires. "Innumerable Paradises have come and gone; Adams and Eves many," happy one day, have been "miserable exiles" the next; and always because some satanic ambition or passion or person entering has cast baneful shadow o'er the scene. Men talk of the scythe of time and the tooth of time. But, said the art historian: "Time is scytheless and toothless; it is we who gnaw like the worm; we who smite like the scythe. Fancy what treasures would be ours to-day if the delicate statues and temples of the Greeks, if the broad roads and massy walls of the Romans, if the noble architecture, castles and towns of the Middle Ages had not bee


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This is my first time I made a comment on any book. This book, I would prescribe any of NEWELL DWIGHT HILLIS book to any one. I mistakenly came across it, It's for any one who is concern about self improvement,He writes from a perspective of a philosopher(I had a bias misconception about philosophers). I don't know better argument to make you download it, just try it!

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