Memoranda on Tours and Touraine

Including remarks on the climate with a sketch of the Botany and Geology of the Province; also on the Wines and Mineral Waters of France

Published: 1842
Language: English
Wordcount: 28,859 / 105 pg
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conceived from what has been stated of such circumstances, respecting Tours and its neighbourhood, that its prevailing climatic qualities cannot fail to be of a highly healthful tendency.

Tours, we have intimated, is too remote from the Ocean, to be prejudicially affected by its mutable influences, or by the vast stream of aqueous vapours perpetually arising from the great western waters;--it is environed by moderately elevated absorbing formations,--it is situated in a broad and extensive vale, whose fertile soils are based upon a thick alluvial deposit of gravel;--while its walls are bathed by the purifying waters of a wide, rapid and limpid river.

It is from such a happy combination of natural circumstances that its atmosphere possesses the transparency and elasticity which so strikingly characterizes it; and on which of course its peculiar adaptation for the due and healthful performance of the animal functions mainly depends.

Lord Bacon thinks the best air is to be met with

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