Chronicles : The Historie of England

The Third Booke

Language: English
Wordcount: 23,893 / 78 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 51.9
LoC Category: D
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Genre: History

y saw there was nothing to be looked for at the hands of the Romans, but warre, injurious wrongs, and deceitfull traines) that they turned all their [Sidenote: The Galles make towards Rome. The Romans incountring with the Galles are overthrown.] force against them, marching streight towardes Rome, and by the waie destroied all that stood before them. The Romans aduertised thereof, assembled themselues togither to the number of 40. thousand, and encountring with Beline and Brenne, neare to the riuer Allia, about 11. miles on this side Rome, were slaine and quite discomfited.

The Galles could scarse beléeue that they had got the victorie with so small resistance: but when they perceiued that the Romans were quite ouerthrowne and that the field was clearelie rid of them, they got togither the spoile, and made towards Rome it selfe, where such feare and terror was striken into the heartes of the people, that all [Sidenote: The Romans in despaire withdraw into the capitoll.] men were in despaire to d

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