Himalayan Journals, vol 2

Author: J.D. Hooker
Published: 1854
Language: English
Wordcount: 153,550 / 498 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74.5
LoC Category: CT
Downloads: 464
mnybks.net#: 3615

oreground. p.73 Fig. 7. Women's head-dresses--the two outer, Lepcha girls; the two inner, Tibetan women. p.86 Fig. 8. Tibet marmot. Sketched by J. E. Winterbottom, Esq. p.93 Fig. 9. Lachoong valley (looking south), larch tree in the foreground. p.103 Fig. 10. Conical ancient moraines in the Lachoong valley, with Abies brunoniana and smithiana. p.104 Fig. 11. Head and legs of Tibet marmot. Sketched by J. E. Winterbottom, Esq. p.106 Fig. 12. Block of gneiss with granite bands, on the Kinchinjhow glacier. p.135 Fig. 13. Summit of forked Donkia mountain, with Goa antelopes in the foreground; from 17,500 feet elevation. p.139 Fig. 14. View of the eastern top of Kinchinjhow, and Tibet in the distance, with wild sheep in the foreground; from an elevation of 18,000 feet. p.140 Fig. 15. Head of Chiru antelope, the unicorn of Tibet. From a sketch by Lieut. H. Maxwell. p.158 Fig. 16. A Phud, or Tibetan mendicant. Sketched at Dorjiling by Miss Colvile. p.187 Fig. 17. Tea (brick of), tea-pot, wooden cup,

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