Principles of Mining

Valuation, Organization and Administration

Author: Herbert Hoover
Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 58,687 / 193 pg
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the manner of taking such samples, and the least number which will still by the law of averages secure a degree of accuracy commensurate with the other factors of estimation.

As metals are distributed through ore-bodies of fissure origin with most regularity on lines parallel to the strike and dip, an equal portion of ore from every point along cross-sections at right angles to the strike will represent fairly well the average values for a certain distance along the strike either side of these cross-sections. In massive deposits, sample sections are taken in all directions. The intervals at which sample sections must be cut is obviously dependent upon the general character of the deposit. If the values are well distributed, a longer interval may be employed than in one subject to marked fluctuations. As a general rule, five feet is the distance most accepted. This, in cases of regular distribution of values, may be stretched to ten feet, or in reverse may be diminished to two or three feet.

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