Zen Culture

Author: Thomas Hoover
Published: 1977
Language: English
Wordcount: 67,837 / 208 pg
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“Thomas Hoover has a considerable gift for expressing his appreciation and understanding of various arts associated with Zen. . . . These are deftly treated, with a concise synopsis of the historical development of each; and together Hoover’s discussions provide an excellent introduction to the aesthetics of Japanese culture.”--Kirkus Reviews

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thetics of Japanese Architecture

The No Theater

Part III: The Rise of Popular Zen Culture: 1573 to the Present

Bourgeois Society and Later Zen

The Tea Ceremony

Zen Ceramic Art

Zen and Haiku

Private Zen: Flowers and Food

The Lessons of Zen Culture




Part I



Zen Culture and the Counter Mind

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.

Matthew 6:28

Pre-Buddhist clay figure (haniwa)

The Zen tradition extends back some fifteen hundred years to a wandering Indian teacher of meditation named Bodhidharma. As Indian gurus are fond of doing, Bodhidharma left his homeland and journeyed abroad, following what was in those days a well-beaten trail to China. Upon reaching Nanking, he paused to visit the Chinese Emperor Wu, a man known to be a particularly devout

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