The Lost Valley of Iskander

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was going to investigate them, when I heard the roar of the avalanche and the gorge was filled with flying rocks. You are no Pathan, despite your name. Come to my village. You look like a man who is weary and has lost his way."

"Where is your village?"

"Yonder, down the gorge and beyond the cliffs." Bardylis pointed southward. Then, looking over Gordon's shoulder, he cried out. Gordon wheeled. High up on the beetling gorge wall, a turbaned head was poked from behind a ledge. A dark face stared down wildly. Gordon ripped out his pistol with a snarl, but the face vanished and he heard a frantic voice yelling in guttural Turki. Other voices answered, among which the American recognized the strident accents of Gustav Hunyadi. The pack was at his heels again. Undoubtedly they had seen Gordon take refuge in the gorge, and as soon as the boulders ceased tumbling, had traversed the torn slope and followed the cliffs where they would have the advantage of the man below.

But Gordon did not pause t


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Warren Stalley

Another rip roaring story from Robert E Howard. The El Borak stories just keep getting better and this one is not to be missed. If you've read any of the others you know what to expect. If not just buckle your seatbelt and get set for a wild ride of bullets, fist fights and crazy savages.


Terrific tale with Howard's great hero El Borak discovering a lost group of ancient Greeks. He helps them to fight off a horde of bad guys.......monumental battle ensues!!!!!!! Action plus

R Stephan

Adventure shorty from the pulp master, set in Afghanistan. Half an hour of excellent fun.

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