The Tomb's Secret

Published: 1934
Language: English
Wordcount: 7,954 / 23 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.4
LoC Category: PZ
Series: Steve Harrison
Downloads: 3,257
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of you stand by for anything."

Mounting the stair in haste, he entered the study on the second floor, breathing a sigh of relief as he found the occupants apparently undisturbed.

The curtains were closely drawn over the windows, and only the door letting into the hall was open. Willoughby was there, a tall spare man, with a scimitar sweep of nose and a bony aggressive chin. Chief Hoolihan, big, bear-like, rubicund, boomed a greeting.

"All your men downstairs?" asked Rollins.

"Sure; nothin' can get past 'em and I'm stayin' here with Mr. Willoughby--"

"And in a few minutes more you'd both have been scratching gravel in Hell," snapped Rollins. "Didn't I tell you we were dealing with Orientals? You concentrated all your force below, never thinking that death might slip in on you from above. But I haven't time to turn out that light. Mr. Willoughby, get over there in that alcove. Chief, stand in front of him, and watch that door that leads into the hall. I'm going to leave it ope


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Average Rating of 2.5 from 2 reviews: ***
Paulo Respighi

One of Howard's clunkers. A detective (in San Francisco, perhaps?), is going after the heathen Chinese mastermind behind the murder of millionaires and the theft of their teeth. On a scale of one to ten, this is pretty damn racist stuff. The plot turns out to be silly, and even the descriptions, Howard's strong point, are dull and hackneyed. No dames, not even to be rescued.
I'll quickly forget this story, that's why I'm reviewing it: so that I can warn myself away from downloading it again.


This is a good period mystery from the early 20th century with the main character, Detective Rollins, playing the Bruce Willis Die Hard type. There is more action than mystery and the ending was rather uninspired, but the 'secret' was well conceived. A good premise mildly executed.

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