The Scarlet Citadel

Published: 1933
Language: English
Wordcount: 15,708 / 45 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.2
LoC Category: PS
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n hell first."

"You're a fool!" exclaimed Amalrus. "You are in our hands, and we can take both crown and life at our pleasure!"

Conan's answer was neither kingly nor dignified, but characteristically instinctive in the man, whose barbaric nature had never been submerged in his adopted culture. He spat full in Amalrus' eyes. The king of Ophir leaped up with a scream of outraged fury, groping for his slender sword. Drawing it, he rushed at the Cimmerian, but Tsotha intervened.

"Wait, your majesty; this man is my prisoner."

"Aside, wizard!" shrieked Amalrus, maddened by the glare in the Cimmerian's blue eyes.

"Back, I say!" roared Tsotha, roused to awesome wrath. His lean hand came from his wide sleeve and cast a shower of dust into the Ophirean's contorted face. Amalrus cried out and staggered back, clutching at his eyes, the sword falling from his hand. He dropped limply on the divan, while the Kothian guards looked on stolidly and King Strabonus hurriedly gulped another gobl


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Paulo Respighi

Lured by his supposed allies into a trap, King Conan of Aquilonia's troops are slaughtered and Conan is captured though a wizard's magic.

A pretty good Conan tale, with treachery, a half-human wizard and his cruel eunuch, crawling monsters in endless tunnels, and battle scenes of gory slaughter. No wench to be rescued anywhere, which is odd for a Conan story. At this point in his career, Conan is the much-loved king of a country, having strangled the previous corrupt monarch.

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