Jewish Literature and Other Essays

Author: Gustav Karpeles
Published: 1895
Language: English
Wordcount: 99,220 / 318 pg
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A glance at Jewish literature -- The Talmud -- The Jew in the history of civilization -- Women in Jewish literature -- Moses Maimonides -- Jewish troubadours and minnesingers -- Humor and love in Jewish poetry -- The Jewish stage -- The Jew's quest in Africa -- A Jewish king in Poland -- Jewish society in the time of Mendelssohn -- Leopold Zunz -- Heinrich Heine and Judaism -- The music of the synagogue.

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and expound the sacred text had become the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob, of those that had not lent ear to the siren notes of Hellenism. Midrash, as the investigations of the commentators were called, by and by divided into two streams--Halacha, which establishes and systematizes the statutes of the Law, and Haggada, which uses the sacred texts for homiletic, historical, ethical, and pedagogic discussions. The latter is the poetic, the former, the legislative, element in the Talmudic writings, whose composition, extending over a thousand years, constitutes the third, the most momentous, period of Jewish literature. Of course, none of these periods can be so sharply defined as a rapid survey might lead one to suppose. For instance, on the threshold of this third epoch stands the figure of Flavius Josephus, the famous Jewish historian, who, at once an enthusiastic Jew and a friend of the Romans, writes the story of his nation in the Greek language--a character as peculiar as his age, which, listenin

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