The Rat Racket

Published: 1956
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,266 / 30 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.2
LoC Category: PS
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With Dr. Keller's genius for hitting at vital spots every time, he now gives us a brand new idea and an ingenious solution. We hope no racketeers read this story. They might, as a result, cause the police some trouble. Fortunately, however, the racket has a flaw.

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he way, Crawford, in that story of the Piper, what was given the credit for drawing the rats out of the town?"

"The tune that he played on the pipes!"

"Check and double check. Now I would advise you gentlemen to locate some musical instrument in that warehouse, and if you find one, experiment with it. Of course, you will have to be rather clever to find it. In the first place, the people putting it there will have it under cover and just as soon as the mischief is done they will remove it."

"It is nothing like that," laughed Professor Wilson, almost in scorn. "These are New York rats. It will take more than a little music to lead them from their usual haunts. But Rastell and I will start in at once. Give us the address of the buildings and the authority to use them. How shall we know when the rats are going to come?"

"They will appear within seven days after you stop the racket money. Suppose we adjourn the meeting? I want a few words in private with Mr. Crawford. You other gentlem


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Average Rating of 2.5 from 2 reviews: ***
Paulo Respighi

Criminals are extorting money from businesses in New York by threatening them with an invasion of rats if they don't pay protection. And when they don't pay, the rats come. A millionaire wants to find out why, but what's his real reason?

Yes,the ending is a letdown, I had hopes for something better. Some of the writing (such as the rat attack) is pretty good. Except for a brief moment, everyone involved is male. Average pulp entertainment.

Leah A. Zeldes

Modern take on the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Unconvincing.

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