A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

The International Language

Author: Ivy Kellerman
Published: 1910
Language: Esperanto
Wordcount: 82,766 / 278 pg
LoC Category: PM
Downloads: 6,717
mnybks.net#: 4079
Origin: gutenberg.org

actual Conditions.--"La Monahxoj kaj la Azeno". LII. The Conditional Mood.--Compound Tenses of the Conditional Mood.--Less Vivid Conditions.--Independent Use of the Conditional Mood.--The Prefix "Dis-".--"Pri la Gravitado". LIII. Conditions Contrary to Fact.--The Verb "Devi".--The Preposition "Sen".--"La Filozofo Sokrato". LIV. Summary of Conditions.--Clauses of Imaginative Comparison.--The Use of "Al" to Express Reference.--The Suffix "-Estr-".--"La Ostracismo de Aristejdo". LV. The Imperative Mood.--Resolve and Exhortation.--Commands and Prohibitions.--Less Peremptory Uses of the Imperative.--The Use of "Mosxto".--"La Glavo de Damoklo". LVI. The Imperative in Subordinate Clauses.--The Preposition "Je".--The Suffix "-Op-".--"La Marsxado de la Dekmil Grekoj". LVII. Clauses Expressing Purpose.--Further Uses of the Accusative.--Synopsis of the Conjugation of the Verb.-


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Ĝi estas bona libro por komencantoj! Mi tre ŝatis trastudi ĝin. Mi ankaŭ ofte uzas ĉi tiu malnova sed utila libron.

One problem: each chapter ends with sentences to be translated from English to Esperanto but the book does not contain the correct translations by which your efforts can be checked. This makes it difficult to know if you've made a correct translation. Also, the 1910 publishing date means that it somewhat lacks connection to the modern world. (i.e., no mention of radio, airplanes or television, to say nothing of cell phones, computers, etc.) Still, for addressing all grammatical aspects in a systematic way, it can't be beat. Maybe it's actually helpful to go back to a simpler time when learning.

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