A Soul Above Buttons

Author: Myra Kelly (Mrs. Allan MacNaughton)
Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 4,618 / 14 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.6
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 392
Added to site: 2009.12.30
mnybks.net#: 26153
Genre: Short Story

y appealed to his common sense, to his thirst for learning, to the integrity of all her former dealings with her good little boy. In vain, again in vain. The commercialism of the Boss was rampant and vigilant. At the first pause in her justification he broke in with:

"An' I folded papers fer you, too. Don't I git no pay fer that? I don't know the rates on that kind of a job but a young lady friend of mine works to a paper-boxes factory an' she gets good money. What are you goin' to do about the house I 'folded for you? A house an' a barn, an' a darn fool bird. (I won't charge you nothin' on that bird 'cause it didn't look like nothin'.) But I want me pay on them other things, an' you'll be sorry if you don't fix me up now. I'll queer yer good and plenty if you don't. I--" and here the contempt and the maturity of the Boss were wonderful to see--"I don't want the crazy truck. I don't want no book-mark--I ain't got no book. Nor I don't want no paper house an' barn. An' do I look like I wanted a horse rei

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