Observations on the Causes, Symptoms, and Nature of Scrofula or King's Evil, Scurvy, and Cancer

With Cases Illustrative of a Peculiar Mode of Treatment

Author: John Kent
Published: 1833
Language: English
Wordcount: 11,161 / 40 pg
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Genres: Health, History, Science

In consequence of the extreme prevalence of Scrofulous, Scorbutic, and Cancerous Diseases, and the ignorance which exists on the part of the public, as to their causes, symptoms, and nature, I have been induced to reprint my observations on those subjects, and to send forth an Eighth Edition for the information of the afflicted.

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arkably offensive to those organs. The skin and muscles are loose and flabby; and the mental powers of children so affected are often prematurely displayed.

Having thus described the nature and symptoms of scrofula, I shall now proceed to make some observations on the treatment of that disease.

The cure of scrofula is generally so difficult that it has become an opprobrium of surgery. There is not one specific remedy for it; even the medicines and applications which I am in the habit of employing, will not be equally efficacious in persons of different constitutions, nor in the same person at all times; and as such, some little alteration frequently becomes necessary to adapt the remedies to the present state of the disease. It is from this difficulty of cure that so many remedies have been proposed in scrofula; and yet the same difficulty continues, plainly shewing that the greater part of these nostra are mere deceptions, imposing upon the sufferer, both in mind and

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