Spanish Doubloons

Author: Camilla Kenyon
Published: 1919
Language: English
Wordcount: 63,588 / 183 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71.8
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 1,303
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The best of its kind since "Treasure Island!"

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e of Miss Browne, who steadfastly refused to go away, but sat glaring like a gorgon who sees her prey about to be snatched from her.

In the midst of my ministrations I awoke suddenly to a rhythmic heave and throb which pervaded the ship. Dropping Aunt Jane's hand I rushed on deck. There lay the various pieces of my baggage, and in the distance the boat with the two brown rowers was skipping shoreward over the ripples.

As for the Rufus Smith, she was under weigh, and heading out of the roadstead for the open sea.

I dashed aft to the captain, who stood issuing orders in the voice of an aggrieved fog-horn.

"Captain!" I cried, "wait; turn around! You must put my aunt and me ashore!"

He whirled on me, showing a crimson angry face. "Turn around, is it, turn around ?" he shouted. "Do you suppose I can loaf about the harbor here a-waitin' on your aunt's fits? You come aboard without me askin'. Now you can go along with the rest. This here ship has got her course set for Frisco, pickin'


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Dai Alanye

Corn, but of a good and satisfying kind.

Virginia stumbles aboard a tramp freighter to rescue her aunt from the clutches of a crew of frauds, only to find herself trapped by circumstances into accompanying them on their hunt. Many thrills and a romance of the more or less typical kind—they hate one another until falling in love.

Reminds me less of Treasure Island than it does of another treasure-seeking adventure with a feisty young red-headed heroine, Hair of Gold.

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