Epic and Romance

Essays on Medieval Literature

Author: W.P. Ker
Published: 1896
Language: English
Wordcount: 124,108 / 371 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 56.6
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Genres: History, Essays

These essays are intended as a general description of some of the principal forms of narrative literature in the Middle Ages, and as a review of some of the more interesting works in each period. It is hardly necessary to say that the conclusion is one

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- (1) Dialogues in the common epic measure--Balder's Doom, Dialogues of Sigurd, Angantyr--explanations in prose, between the dialogues 112 (2) Dialogues in the gnomic or elegiac measure: (a) vituperative debates--Lokasenna, Harbarzlióð (in irregular verse), Atli and Rimgerd 112 (b) Dialogues implying action--The Wooing of Frey (Skírnismál) 114

Svipdag and Menglad (Grógaldr, Fiölsvinnsmál) 114

The Volsung dialogues 115

The Western and Northern poems compared, with respect to their scale 116

The old English poems (Beowulf, Waldere), in scale, midway between the Northern poems and Homer 117

Many of the Teutonic epic remains may look like the "short lays" of the agglutinative epic theory; but this is illusion 117

Two kinds of story in Teutonic Epic--(1) episodic, i.e. representi

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