Overland Red

A Romance of the Moonstone Cañon Trail

Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 72,238 / 216 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80
LoC Category: PS
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Origin: gutenberg.org
Genre: Western

With a price on his head of a thousand dollars for a crime he has not committed, "Overland Red" turns tramp and becomes guide, philosopher and friend for an orphan boy he meets on the road. He locates a claim which belonged to the man he was supposed to have killed and which brings wealth to the man's daughter, who supplies the love story with the orphan boy turned rancher.

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ilroad. He knew that eventually he would, as he journeyed west, cross it, perhaps near a water-tank.

Toward the blinding afternoon of that day he saw strange lakes and pools spread out upon the distant sand and inverted mountain ranges stretching to the horizon.

Fate crept closer to his heels, waiting with the dumb patience of the desert to claim the struggling, impotent puppet whose little day was all but spent.

He stumbled across the blazing bars of steel that marked the railroad. His empty canteen clattered on the ties as he fell. He got to his knees and dragged himself from the track. He laughed, for he had thwarted Fate this once; he would not be run over by the train. He lay limp, wasted, scarcely breathing.

Serenely Fate crouched near him, patient, impassive....

He heard a man speak and another answer. He felt an arm beneath his head, and water.... Water!

He drank, and all at once his strength flamed up. It was not water they gave him; it was merely the taste o


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This modern Western has it all, story, plot, love of land, animals, and humans. And well written too.


A great story. I loved it.

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