Historical Mysteries

Author: Andrew Lang
Published: 1905
Language: English
Wordcount: 80,393 / 239 pg
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Genre: History

as almost starved to death in a house on the Hertfordshire road, which she knew by seeing the Hertford coach, with which she was familiar, go by. The woman who cut her stays was 'a tall, black, swarthy woman.' Scarrat said 'that was not Mrs. Wells,' which was fair on Scarrat's part. Elizabeth described the two young women as being one fair, the other dark; so Scarrat swore. Wintlebury, her old master, and several others corroborated.

If these accounts by Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Woodward, Scarrat, Wintlebury, and others are trustworthy, then Elizabeth Canning's narrative is true, for she found the two girls, the tall, swarthy woman, the hay, and the broken water-pitcher, and almost everything else that she had mentioned on January 29, at Mother Wells's house when it was visited on February 1. But we must remember that most accounts of what Elizabeth said on January 29 and on January 31 are fifteen months after date, and are biassed on both sides.

To Mother Wells's the girl was taken on February 1, in wh


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R Stephan

You must be steadfast in literature (Thackeray) and the monarchy's history if you want to enjoy this collection of analytical essays on some mysteries. The mysteries consist of more-or-less known (at the time of 1900) deaths, possible frauds, and other odd happenings that the author was able to collect enough information about to make a through analysis. Not for everyone.

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