Long Ago, Far Away

(Four from Planet 5)

Author: Murray Leinster (William Fitzgerald Jenkins)
Published: 1959
Language: English
Wordcount: 34,802 / 109 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.5
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 3,838
Added to site: 2007.12.19
mnybks.net#: 19419
Origin: gutenberg.org

The strange visitors had landed. Why had they come, and what unknown terror would they bring upon our world?

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magining that, I'm right there with you."

He went back to the main building to get Gail and Captain Moggs. They went out to the 'copter hangar together.

"I've talked to the radar and loran operator," said Soames. "I explained that you wanted to see some crevasses from the air, and I'd be wandering around looking for them on the way to the rookery. He will check on us every fifteen minutes, anyhow."

* * * * *

The 'copter went up the long, sloping, bulldozed snow-ramp. Soames checked his radio contact. He nodded. The engines hummed and roared and bellowed, and the ship lifted deliberately and floated away over the icy waste.

The little helicopter was very much alone above a landscape which had never known a growing thing.

Soames kept in radar contact and when he was ready he told the base, "I'm going down now, hunting crevasses."

He let the 'copter descend. The waste was featureless, then and for a seemingly interminable time afterward. Then his estimated positio


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Lisa Carr

A surprisingly good novella. An American scientist in Antarctica sees a strange object appear, then crash. When he investigates, he finds a ship with no propulsion system and four human(?) children. Unfortunately, word gets out that aliens have landed in a ship, and international tensions go crazy. The problem is, the children ARE a threat, and might be better off dead.
The plotting is good, with tension right up to the end, and all the main characters speak and act like people. The ending was a pleasant surprise.
It's nice to see female military officers can be as big dimwads as their male counterparts.


After their space craft crash lands, the alien crew soon learns that Earth does not have their best insterests at heart.

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