The President

A novel

Published: 1904
Language: English
Wordcount: 116,201 / 339 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.5
LoC Categories: J, PS
Downloads: 686
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"The President" is more thoroughly a novel than "The Boss" in the development of love interest and intrigue. But the author has drawn upon his extraordinary knowlege of the inside of political life and he tells a remarkable story. "The President" is a book that will be heard from everywhere.

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d in her tones. "Dorothy, you might have broken your nose!"

Richard ran a glance over Mrs. Hanway-Harley. She was not coarse, but was superficial--a woman of inferior ideals. He marveled how a being so fine as the daughter could have had a no more silken source, and hugged the boot-heel. The daughter was a flower, the mother a weed. He decided that the superiority of Dorothy was due to the father, and gave that absent gentleman a world of credit without waiting to make his acquaintance.

Mrs. Hanway-Harley said that she lived in Washington. Where did Mr. Storms live?

"My home has been nowhere for ten years," returned Richard. Then, as he looked at Dorothy, while his heart took a firmer grip on the picture: "But I shall live in Washington in a few months."

Dorothy, the saved, beneath whose boot-heel beat Richard's heart, looked up, and in the blue depths--so Richard thought--shone pleasure at the news. He could not be certain, for when the blue eyes met the gray ones, they fell to a


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