Published: 1905
Language: English
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bail her out, providing she promises to be good in the future."

It was enough. Scott had promised and she knew he would go.

"Thank you, Scott," she said, "but I wish it were now, so that the poor little girl would not have to stay alone to-night."

"We cannot help it, June; there is no way that we can do anything for her to-day, so let that satisfy you."

"Very well," said June, as she left the room, "I will wait."

Mrs. Wilmer doubtless would have objected to any intercession whatever on the part of her son in regard to the little culprit, but June knew that her father would not, and she was sure that Scott would do just what was right, so she said nothing to her mother on the subject. Young though she was, she knew her mother's peculiarities, and she had learned that in order to avoid all opposition or argument, the safest way was to appeal to Scott or her father. She had not the slightest idea of showing any disrespect to her mother's wishes or judgment, but it seemed so na

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