The Eye of Alloria

Author: Rae Lori (Rae Lindley)
Published: 2006
Language: English
Wordcount: 22,672 / 64 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 92.7
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,346
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License: by-nd
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In the late 21st century on Earth, new technology allowed man to create machines merged with the body oftheir fallen comrades of war. These ‘manchines’ fought and won the war for the West. Discarded, the manchines learned of their worth and fought back for their own freedom, destroying half of the population ofmankind.Now, Saron Bravewind rules the main Earth city of Orland built from ruin after the ban of technology that once was man’s downfall. With his heart set on discovering life beyond the stars, he finally gets his chance when tragedy strikes as his daughter falls into an incurable illness. Saron mans a flight into space with afaith in finding a higher life to help his daughter. What he finds will change the fate of the future mankind.

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his daughter took. Her hair fell across her shoulders. He kneeled down

to her side and took her tiny dark, shaking hands into his large ones. He was still amazed at how much she looked like Jacina. He wanted to hold her at that moment and make her pain go away. He would do anything to make it go away.

"Father." Her voice brought him out of his trance. She gripped his hand.

"Yes, Saria."

"It hurts," she said weakly. "I'm not ready to die yet." Her black eyes quivered as she spoke. "There is so much I want to do."

He took a deep breath and tried to remain calm as he looked upon his daughter. "I won't let you die, Saria. That is a promise."

He bent down, placed a kiss on her forehead and never looked back as he exited the room. He stopped in the doorway and looked down the stone hall where Jacina stood among the line of guards against the wall.

"Our medicine is beyond help for Saria," he said softly as he bowed his and closed his eyes.

"But we can help you


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JoJo Biggins

Absolutely the worst writing this side of the 1950's. Boring, insensible, logic-lacking, cardboard characters, and no clear direction. Avoid it.

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