The Lady and Sada San

A Sequel to The Lady of the Decoration

Author: Frances Little (Fannie Caldwell Macaulay)
Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 33,277 / 97 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 72.2
LoC Categories: G, PS
Downloads: 363
Added to site: 2004.07.02 8524
Genres: Travel, Romance

"Such a pretty story--so gay and graceful and altogether charming--that we joyously take of our hat to it. Here's to the Lady! May she write another sequel!"

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Right here, Mate, was when I had a prolonged attack of cold shivers. Just before Miss West passed along, knowing that the Valley was near, she wrote to Uncle in Japan and told him that his niece would soon he alone. Can't you imagine the picture she drew of her foster child who had satisfied every craving of her big mother heart? Fascinating and charming and so weighted with possibilities, that Mura, who had prospered, leaped for his chance and sent Sada San money for the passage over.

Not a mite of anxiety shadowed her eyes when she told me that Uncle kept a wonderful tea-house in Kioto. He must be very rich, she thought, because he wrote her of the beautiful things she was to have. About this time the room seemed suffocating. I got up and turned on the electric fan. The only thing required of her, she continued, was to use her voice to entertain Uncle's friends. But she hoped to do much more. Through Miss West she knew how many of her mother's dear people needed help. How glorious that

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