Published: 1953
Language: English
Wordcount: 9,857 / 37 pg
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Life and the future belong to the strong—so Dollard laughed as he fled Earth and Mankind's death agony. But the last laugh was yet to come....

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eft the surface. Climbing into the blue with an ever-increasing whoosh, it described an arc over the jagged peaks and vanished.

* * * * *

Another half hour passed, before the cataleptic effect of the stunner eased sufficiently for Garth to sit up and rest his chest and arms upon his knees. He rubbed his forehead, felt the bruise at his temple and gazed speculatively at the sky. Then, he studied the bubbling earth only a few feet away from him and realized how close he had been to death from the space vessel's back-blasts. He shuddered a moment.

After his head cleared, he struggled to his feet and walked over the damp grass to the work shack. Entering, he searched through a chemical cabinet until he found the vials he wanted. From them, he compounded a liquid mixture which he forced into the ampoule of a hypodermic needle.

When he stepped outside again, he saw the sky had darkened quickly with evening. He walked over to the stricken mechanics and administered an injection i


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Sardo Weems

Interesting short story of a tycoon escaping the Earth and leaving behind a plague that is killing all human life. He was shooting for a colony on Venus, but-- Trapped on his ship, he opts to put himself into deepfreeze, hoping someone in the future would revive him.

Nice ironic ending. Good characterization of a Class A jerk

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