Janice Day at Poketown

Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 65,600 / 195 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.4
LoC Category: PZ
Series: Do Something
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orn nakedness it actually cried out for a coat of paint. Each individual shingle was curled and cracked. Only the superior workmanship of a former time kept the Day roof tight and defended the family from storms.

Some hours later the Constance Colfax came into view around a distant point in the lake shore. Mr. Day had camped upon the identical bench again and was still sucking at the stem of his corncob pipe.

"Wal," he groaned, "I 'xpect I've got to go down to meet that gal of Broxton's. And the sun's mighty hot this mawnin'."

"You wouldn't feel it so, if ye hadn't been too 'tarnal lazy to change yer seat," sniffed his wife. "Now, you mind, Jase! That board money comes to me, or you can take Broxton's gal to the ho-tel."

Mr. Day shambled out of the front gate without making reply.

"Drat the man!" muttered his wife. "If I could jes' git a rise out o' him onc't----"

It was not far to the dock. Indeed, Poketown was so compactly built on the steep hillsi


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Janice goes to stay at her Uncle's house in Poketown while her dad is in Mexico on business. She finds that Poketown is a run down place and that her relatives are very lazy people so she sets about to wake them up and in the process changes the whole town for the better. Janice also finds someone special.

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