My Cave Life in Vicksburg

With Letters of Trial and Travel

Published: 1864
Language: English
Wordcount: 38,161 / 115 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 59.6
LoC Category: E
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Genres: History, War

An at times startling eyewitness account of events during the Civil War.

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hispered around, much to the consternation of passengers, that they were ordered to approach the depot as near as possible, and take on freight; and thus we were carried up, under shelter of a high bluff, with many misgivings on my part, as shell after shell exploded on the hill above us. A nervous gentleman leaned forward and told me that we were in great danger, and, speaking in the same manner to many of the ladies, suggested that, if we made the request, the conductor would doubtless back into a safe place.

Although so frightened, his mode of relief was so evidently selfish that the gentlemen began joking him most unmercifully. In looking out of the window, although I felt a sympathy for the poor fellow, I could not but be amused at the ludicrous scene that presented itself: the porters bringing the baggage and small freight from the depot acted as if wild--now halting to await the course of a shell--then dashing forward, determined to reach the cars before another came. Two negroes were coming wit


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The premise of these letters is interesting, but it just came out of hectic and confusing. Probably best for really dedicated historians of the Civil War and Vicksburg.

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