What Timmy Did

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Then an astounding thing had happened. Godfrey had had a fortune left him by an eccentric old man in whose employment he had been as secretary for a while. His luck still holding, he had gone through most of the war, including Gallipoli, with only one wound, which had left no ill effects. A man so fortunate ought not to have neglected his old friends.

Janet Tosswill, the step-mother completely merging into the friend, came forward, and put her arms round the girl's shoulders. "Look here, Betty. Wouldn't you rather go away? I don't suppose he'll stay longer than Monday or Tuesday--"

"I shouldn't think of going away! I expect he's forgotten all about that old affair. It's a long time ago, Janet--nine years. We were both so young, that I've forgotten too--in a sense." And then, as she saw that the other was far more moved than she herself was outwardly, she repeated: "It really has faded away, almost out of sight. Think of all that has happened since then!"

The other m


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Im Cheungjun

This is a story of a young Englishman who, after nine years' experience abroad, rediscovers the beauty of English rural life and gets reunited with his old love. Compared with the same author's extraordinary mystery "The Lodger", I have to give this novel four stars, but still I enjoyed every moment of reading it and was impressed with the author's skillful story telling.


I would have liked this story better if Enid had been found out and not allowed to just slip away but as in real life criminals do get away with crimes more often then we would care to think. Otherwise an alright story.

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