A Historical Geography of the British Colonies

Vol. V, Canada—Part I, Historical

Published: 1901
Language: English
Wordcount: 125,230 / 394 pg
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: Africa and America places on the road.]

The overland trade routes through Syria and Egypt--by which Genoa, Venice, and the other city states of the Middle Ages had grown rich--had fallen in the main under Moslem control; and, accordingly, the growing nations of Europe began to take to the open sea. On the ocean, India can be reached from Europe either by going east or by going west. In the former case Africa comes in the way, in the latter America; and the position of these {8} two continents in the modern history of the world is, in their earliest stage, that of having been places on the road, not final goals.

The Portuguese tried the way by Africa and succeeded. Vasco de Gama rounded the Cape, sailed up the eastern coast of Africa, and crossed to India. The Spaniards set sail in the opposite direction, and, failing in their original design, found instead a New World.

Let us suppose that the conditions had been reversed, that Southern Africa, when reached, had proved as attrac

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