Rambles in an Old City

comprising antiquarian, historical, biographical and political associations

Author: S. S. Madders
Published: 1853
Language: English
Wordcount: 85,253 / 255 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 3.4
LoC Category: GF
Downloads: 377
Added to site: 2010.09.14
mnybks.net#: 28999
Origin: gutenberg.org
Genre: Travel

place of that great "sister of charity," Elizabeth Fry, and her brother, the philanthropist, Joseph John Gurney, and beneath its avenues of chestnut, by the quiet waters of its little lake, and the banks of bright anemones, that lay spread like a rich carpet, in the early spring time, along its garden borders, inhale sweet odours, and drink in refreshing draughts of pure unsullied poetry, fresh from the fount of nature, and fragrant with the love that breathes through all her teachings, the first child of the Great Parent of good.

Hence he may trace his way back through the village hamlet, that gave a home in his last years to the weary-hearted Hall, yielding a refuge and a grave to the head bowed beneath the weight of a sorrow-burthened mitre; and with hearts yet vibrating to the mournful cadences of woe, that swept from his harp strings, forth upon the world from its saddened solitudes, they may pass on to the garden of the Bishop's Palace, and the monuments yet lingering there; ivy-clad rui

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