A Little Miss Nobody

Or, With the Girls of Pinewood Hall

Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 64,995 / 196 pg
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A tale that tells of a school girl who was literally a nobody until she solved the mystery of her identity. The book tells much about boarding school life, of study and fun mixed, and of a great race on skates. Nancy made some friends as well as enemies,and on more than one occasion proved that she was "true blue" in the bestmeaning of that term.

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his downright ingratitude, Nancy Nelson. Suppose I wrote what you say to Mr. Gordon? And he should in turn transmit my report to--to the people who furnish the money for all this----"

"That's just it! that's just it, Miss Prentice!" wailed the girl, suddenly bursting into tears. "Who furnishes the money? Why do they furnish it? Oh, dear! what have I done that I am treated like a colt to be broken instead of like a girl?"

Miss Prentice was silenced for the moment. She looked down upon the girl's bowed head, and upon the young shoulders heaving with sobs, and a strange expression flitted for the moment across her grim face.

Perhaps never before had the principal of Higbee School looked into Nancy's heart and seen the real tragedy of her young life.



That summer was much like other summers in Malden. Nancy had been graduated with some honor; but there was nobo


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Nancy Nelson is an orphan who receives money from a lawyer for her needs but she hasn't any idea who she is and where she came from. She's "A Little Miss Nobody." This is the story of Nancy's search for her identity as aided by friends she sets out to find the truth.

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