The Snowshoe Trail

Author: Edison Marshall
Published: 1921
Language: English
Wordcount: 86,253 / 244 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 69.2
LoC Categories: PZ, PS
Downloads: 586
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Genre: Adventure

Edison Marshall knows the ways of the wild places and the ways of the wild creatures that range them--and he knows how to write a story. 'The Snowshoe Trail' will appeal to readers who like an exciting yarn, and particularly to all lovers of the out-of-doors and of animal life.

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fter all, that was the code of his life,--to take what destiny gave and stand up under it.

If the event had occurred anywhere but in the North, the outcome might have been wholly different. Life was easy and gentle in the river bottoms of the United States. Women could make a brave fight unaided; even fatherless boys were not entirely cheated of their youth. Besides, in these desolate wastes the code of life is a personal code, primitive emotions have full sway, and men to not change their dreams from day to day. Constancy and steadfastness are the first impulses of their lives; neither Bill nor his mother had been able to forget or to forgive. Here was an undying ignominy and hatred; besides--for the North is a far-famed keeper of secrets--the mystery and the dreadful uncertainty, haunting like a ghost. As a little boy he had tried to comfort his mother with his high plans for revenge; and she had whispered to him, and cried over him, and pressed him hard against her; and he had promised, over and ove


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At last an adventure story that is really thrilling!!

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