Jim Davis

Author: John Masefield
Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 48,597 / 135 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 94.1
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 851
mnybks.net#: 4747
Origin: gutenberg.org

Lively tale, told by the hero, of an English boy who is kidnapped by smugglers on the Devonshire coast in the early nineteenth century and passes through dangerous adventures.

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e. "You listen to me," he said, grimly. "If you breathe so much as one word of what you've seen to-night--well--I shall know. D'ye hear? I shall know. And when I know--well--your little neck'll go. There's poetry. That will help you remember--

'When I know, Your neck'll go Like so'"

He gave a sharp little twist of his hand upon my Adam's apple.

I was terrified. I don't know what I said; my tongue seemed to wither on its stalk. The Captain walked to his horse, and remounted. "Come along, boys," he said. The line of horses started off again. A hand fell upon my shoulder, and a voice spoke kindly to me. "See here," it said, "you go on another half-mile, you'll find a barn by the side of the road. There's no door on the barn, and you'll see a fire inside. You'll find your lady there. She is safe all right. You keep your tongue shut now."

The speaker climbed into his saddle, and trotted off into the night. "Half a mile. Straight ahead!" he called; then the dull trampling died away, and

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