Pitching in a Pinch

or, Baseball from the Inside

Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 64,200 / 179 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.6
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Genres: Games, Non-fiction

A tale of the Big leaguers, their habits and their methods of playing baseball written by one of their number, a pitcher of national reputation.

Chapters: The most dangerous batters i have met; "Take him out!"; Pitching in a pinch; Big league pitchers and their peculiarities; Playing the game from the bench; Coaching— good and bad; Honest and dishonest sign stealing; Umpires and close decisions; The game that cost a pennant; When the teams are in spring training; Jinxes and what they mean to a ball-player; Base runners and how they help a pitcher to win; Notable Instances where the "inside" game has failed.

"To the baseball enthusiast who knows the men or has seen the games described it will be very entertaining reading. Contains less theory and more personal recital and anecdote than Evers' 'Touching second.' "

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out of my arm. It is a very hard ball to deliver. Pitching it ten or twelve times in a game kills my arm, so I save it for the pinches.

Many fans do not know what this ball really is. It is a slow curve pitched with the motion of a fast ball. But most curve balls break away from a right-handed batter a little. The fade-away breaks toward him.

Baker, of the Athletics, is one of the most dangerous hitters I have ever faced, and we were not warned to look out for him before the 1911 world's series, either. Certain friends of the Giants gave us some "inside" information on the Athletics' hitters. Among others, the Cubs supplied us with good tips, but no one spread the Baker alarm. I was told to watch out for Collins as a dangerous man, one who was likely to break up a game any time with a long drive.

I consider Baker one of the hardest, cleanest hitters I have ever faced, and he drives the ball on a line to any field. The fielders cannot play for him. He did not show up well in the first gam

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