(Nothing But) Flowers

Author: John G. McDaid
Published: 2009
Language: English
Wordcount: 10,042 / 31 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.7
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 10,154
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ow long ago? He marveled at how the priestesses had managed to keep this one icon in pristine condition. He could understand why the pilgrims felt

the magic in it, even if he did not.

"Estamos refugiados en una zona de apagon." The priestess, in a high, squeaky voice, rained down nonsense from the balcony. "Nuestras casas desarraigados, arrastrando raíces profundas de concreta, fibrosas con tubos y conectores, giran y saltan a las fluctuaciones del campo de gravitacion.  La gente tienen miedo." She droned on like that, and Donal found himself scanning the crowd, idly yet thoroughly, to see if anyone unsavory might have snuck through the front gate.

There had been a small group, armed with pieces of metal no larger than their fingernails but sharpened enough to cut, and they had slipped in and managed to kill a handful of guests and Castle workers before they were hacked to bits. The memory was bitterly fresh. But no one in the group of soft, milli


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Average Rating of 3 from 5 reviews: ***

The story is slow to start but gets more interesting toward the end

Dick Thornton

I found the story to be a bit slow to take hold, though I don't know why. Through the middle I enjoyed it a lot. The ending was not my cup of tea: I read for escape, not intellectual enlightenment or morals, so I like the endings spelled out for me, rather than leaving me a puzzle to meditate on. Still, it was worth the time spent reading it.

Sean M. Drew

This story is not utter rubbish. It was a fairly good story. Some parts dragged on and were preachy but all in all not too bad of a story.


Interesting but sad short story. At the end you will get what it's all about. Or maybe not :)


Utter rubbish.

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