Construction Work for Rural and Elementary Schools

Author: Virginia McGaw
Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 23,142 / 74 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75.1
LoC Category: LB
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Genre: Non-fiction

The work is divided into five parts--"Cord Construction," "Paper Construction," "Wood Construction," "Basketry," and "The School Garden." No subject is dealt with at length. The aim has been to give simple models that may be made without elaborate preparation or special material.

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e first piece was tied, and work in the opposite direction until the second half is strung. Should it be necessary to add to the cord, arrange that the knot be on an end near a ring. A knot in the warp hampers the weaving.

[Illustration: A RUG Made of narrow strips of cotton cloth.]

Have the warp threads and the predominant woof thread of the same color.

To begin weaving, cut a quantity of ten-inch lengths. Take one of these lengths, start in the center of the loom, and weave in and out among the warp threads, allowing it to extend two inches beyond on each side. Have a perfectly smooth, narrow, thin ruler and weave it in across the warp threads. As each horizontal or woof thread is added, shove it close to the preceding one with the ruler, which acts as a pusher. Weave first on one side of the center and then on the other, until the entire 6×8-inch space is covered. If a border is to be put in, gauge equal spaces from the center and work in the border of a different shade or color.

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