A Soldier of the Legion

Author: Edward Morlae
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 19,116 / 61 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75
Downloads: 5,190
Added to site: 2014.08.22
mnybks.net#: 31695
Origin: gutenberg.org
Genre: Biography

killed, Joly was severely wounded, and Scanlon was hit in the ankle--all by the same shell. The fragments which killed and wounded the first two passed on one side of me, while the piece of iron that hit Bob went close by my other side. Yet I was untouched! Again, take the last patrol. When I was out of cover, the Germans shot at me from a range of ten metres--and missed! I felt certain that my day was not to-morrow.

Just the same, I was glad that my affairs were arranged, and it gave me a sense of conscious satisfaction to think that my comrades would have something to remember me by. There is always the chance of something unforeseen happening.

The pace was accelerating. The strain was beginning to wear off. From right and left there came a steady murmur of low talk. In our own column men were beginning to chaff each other. I could distinctly hear Soubiron describing in picturesque detail to Capdeveille how he, Capdeveille, would look, gracefully draped over the German barbed wire; and I coul

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